Daan Moerkens: About

I'd say; a Dutch composer, designer, engineer and implementer, but I've done quite a bit of things.


I've made compositions and arrangements for films, games, commercials and events.  I've done foley, I've recorded voice overs, bands and artists, mixed and mastered for tv, radio, live events,  streaming services. I've made presets and plugins, programmed synths and developed interactive audio systems. I did quite a bit of design and recording in the field, both for film and asset-recording. I've been in charge of implementation, both in middleware and direct and have also functioned as a general audio supervisor. 


I'd say, at the end of the day I am a composer, but also a sound enthusiastic, trying to make every production exactly what it should be!

Concrete: Studies, History and Qualifications

Starting my studies as a drummer i graduated from a 4 year program in 3 years. After that I studied for 2 years at the Dutch school of popular music in Amsterdam, followed by 4 years at the ArtEZ conservatory in Enschede where I studied the "MediaMusic" program as a film/game composer;


- Major: film/game composition

- Minor: Sounddesign

- Minor: Corporate Productions


Besides that I am in possession of Wwise certificates and have experience in de field of middleware and implementing audio in-game. 


I've been abroad for a bit to check out L.A. and have been working there to hone my skills at SourceSound, working for and studying the sounddesign of L.A. based design legends Charles Deenen, Tim Gedemer and the SourceSound team.


I have worked independently for films, games and works of art, with my latest title "Legatus" to add to the list of great projects I enjoyed working on.


Besides the genres mentioned above I also have experience working corporate, adding commercials and brands to my resume like BMW, Nespresso, MSI, Toyota, Porsche, Samsung, NONON, Pink Gellac, Joolz,  Mini Cooper, Esquire and Boom Libraries. 

Less Concrete: Interests, Goals and Vision

I like music, design, games, art, history, philosophy, and most of all, I like/collect stories. And we all have stories to tell.


This applies to every project, with bonuspoints if the story ticks any or all of the other points above. Also, this does not just apply to film and game, this is also a thing I like in the corporate branch:


I don't believe a "commercial" is just about selling a product per se, I believe a commercial is way (read: WAAAAYYY) more than just that! Most of the time you are offering and making people aware of a unique experience.


This piece of chocolate is not 50% off. It's happiness in a wrapper.